The programme is current as at 26 May 2017.

Wednesday 21 JuneRationaleRoadieFlyer
0945 – 1700  Rationale Roadie – IPWEA NZ study tour:  Interior NZ infrastructure – people, places and prosperity from Queenstown to Dunedin including lunch, refreshments, enthusiastic commentary from your local engineers – limited space.  Departs Queenstown central at 0945 or 1000 from the airport.  Rationale Roadie itinerary

1800 – 1930  Welcome Function at Toitu, Otago Settlers Museum

Thursday 22 June
0730 Breakfast Sponsored by HMI Technologies
0830 Welcome and Opening Keynote: Ministerial Address – Hon Steven Joyce, Minister of Finance and Minister for Infrastructure and Mayor Dave Cull

0910 Keynote:  A Driverless Future Liselotte Lyngso Sponsored by MWH, now part of Stantec
1020 Morning Tea Sponsored by Waugh Infrastructure Management
1050 Hynds Paper of the Year Finalist Presentations Click here Sponsored by Hynds Pipe Systems

* Ghost hunting: water network modeling to find a phantom burst, Ben Davies
* Blurring the lines with the New Plymouth District Council professional services collaborative contract, David Langford
* Aoraki roads – a working collaboration, Suzy Ratahi
1235 Lunch Sponsored by Hynds Pipe Systems
1335 Concurrent Session One – Click here to download abstracts

Water Supply / Stormwater / Wastewater Transport / Public Transport Asset Management Working Collaboratively Innovation/ Resilience / Sustainability
Sponsored by IPWEA NZSponsored by Opus International ConsultantsSponsored by Infor Global SolutionsSponsored by Civil ContractorsSponsored by Anderson Lloyd
Consumer attitudes and the water sector: Findings from AWA / ARUP water consumer survey.
Daniel Lambert
201 Best branch paper Visitor driver Issues in Otago and Southland - perspectives and perceptions.
Jeremy Byfield
301 SPOTLIGHT SESSION All on board
Stephanie Campbell and Gordon Munro
Industry wide collaboration using engineered structures and technology in contributing to a clean-green New Zealand dairy industry.
Ross Monaghan
501 Innovation strategy - preparing for the future
Chloe Smith
102 NZ ‘s Largest Proprietary Treatment device – an innovative centralised Stormwater treatment & pumping facility
Troy Brockbank
202 Auckland double decker buses – retrofitting a city
Fiona Tang
302 Making Asset Management Great Again
Colin Gerrard
402 When health matters as much as safety
Roger Oakley
502 A cross Tasman Approach to asset management
Chris Pacey & Sean Rainsford
103 An Integrated Water team for Queenstown Lakes District Council
Mark Baker & Nasrine Tomasi
203 Cycle investment in NZ – from famine to feast
Andy Lightowler
Failure mode analysis and how it impacts your strategy
Helen Ramsey
Blurring the lines towards one road network
Steve Browning
403 Best Branch paper
The evolution of road maintenance, challenge accepted
Jarrod Bates
503 The Kaikoura earthquake response
John Mackie

1505 Afternoon tea Sponsored by Veolia
1535 IPWEA NZ Excellence Awards Finalists announced
1555 Young IPWEA presentations  Sponsored by Calibre Consulting
000Fire compliance studies made possible.  Bernadette Dabbak
000LED street lighting retrofit project – Working collaboratively.  Ting Ge
000Technology in winter maintenance.  Adam Humphries
000Data, data everywhere   Jules Scott-Hansen
Two cultures, one contract. Breaking the mould with an alliance.  Rob Sharp
1645 Hynds Awards announced
1800 Hynds Happy Hour
1900 Close

1920 Coaches depart for Edgar Centre – from conference hotels
1930 70’s with HEB Sponsored by HEB
2300 Function closes

Friday 23 June
0730 Breakfast  Sponsored by CityCare
0830 Keynote: Here’s what is happening in the world and here’s what to do with it. Kevin Stirrat & Martin Hawes  Sponsored by Forsyth Barr
0920 Panel: The Road to a Driverless Future David Thomson, James Maclaurin, Andrew Jackson, Liselotte Lyngso and Ian Telfer (Radio NZ) as Panel Facilitator Sponsored by Opus
1030 Morning Tea
1100 Concurrent Session Two – Click here to download abstracts

Water Transport Asset Management Working Collaboratively Innovation / Resilience/ Sustainability
Sponsored by IPWEA NZSponsored by Opus International ConsultantsSponsored by Infor Global Solutions Sponsored by Civil ContractorsSponsored by Anderson Lloyd
104 Dudley Creek – Keeping both oars in the water
James Thorne & Dane Macky
204 SPOTLIGHT SESSION Road Efficiency Group – Why are we blurring the lines and integrating our efforts?
Jamie McPherson
304 Levels of service levers – what really happens when you pull one lever – how do the other levers fare?
Priyani de Silva-Currie & Tony Anderson
404 Collaboration in action - the northland transportation alliance
Neil Cook
504 SPOTLIGHT SESSION How to best consent infrastructure projects. Michael Garbett
105 Out with the old, in with the new – retrofitting new technology membranes at the Oamaru Treatment Plant
Michael Goldingham & Melanie Stevenson
205 Maintaining roads on the Otago Peninsular and securing access for the future
Josh Von Pein & Gareth Evans
Should we close Marton?
Ross Waugh
405 The Queen Street infrastructure upgrade
Don Young
505 The future of urban water: scenarios for urban water utilities in 2040
Daniel Lambert
106 Optioneering Overload! Getting to the crux of the problem.
Jack Brennan & Deborah Lind
206a Footpath conditions – how is my network performing?
Kris Garner
206b Clever little visual roadmap for South Waikato DC transport asset management programme
Priyani de Silva-Currie & Gordon Naidoo
306a When two worlds collide – A case study of the Local Government Act being pulled into a new orbit by ISO55000
Myles Lind
306b A case study into the Quantitative benefits of Asset Management
Myles Lind
406 Kaiaua landfill remediation
Ken Read
506a How safe is “safe” – the journey of Palmerston North City Council as a “small” owner of two large dams
Dora Luo
506b Pipe abandonment beneath operational runway at Brisbane Airport
James O’Grady

1230 Lunch
1315 Tour Summary depart from the Dunedin Centre and return between 1600 and 1700
Tour 1: Heritage
Tour 2: Flood schemes
Tour 3: Natures Restraints – the road to Otago Peninsula’s Ecotourism
Tour 4: Manufacturing the future
Tour 5: Otago University building for the future (mini tour)

1920 Coaches depart for Edgar Centre – from conference hotels
1930 Fulton Hogan & IPWEA NZ Conf Dinner..with Awards Sponsored by Fulton Hogan  After dinner entertainer Brad Blaze
0000 Function closes

Saturday 24 June
0745 Breakfast
0830 Keynote:  The Road to Recovery – Responding to the Kaikoura Earthquake Reconnecting Communities – Scott Ford
0850 Keynote: All Roads Lead to NZ – Paul Yeo
0930 IPWEA President’s Address
0945 AECOM Awards Sponsored by AECOM
1000 Morning Tea
1030 Concurrent Session Three – Click here to download abstracts

Water 100Transport 200Asset Management 300Working Collaboratively 400Innovation / Resilience / Sustainability
Sponsored by IPWEA NZSponsored by Opus International ConsultantsSponsored by Infor Global SolutionsSponsored by Civil ContractorsSponsored by Anderson Lloyd
107 Best Branch paper Hastings trunk sewers pipe rehabilitation
Saadia Ali and Gary Schofield
207 Achieving community and culturally responsive design - The 'Karaka' walk-cycle bridge - Palmerston North
Nick Aiken
307 Local Government obligations in relation to infrastructure safety by design
Sarah Sinclair
407 Collaborative Integration - bridging the workplace generation gap
Su Young Ko & Kelvin Hill
507 Powerful new tools for tender evaluator assessment
Caroline Boot
108 All on Guard – a collaborative approach to machine guarding at Christchurch water treatment plant
Rae Stewart
208 Innovative traffic management – SH1 Russley Road upgrade Aidan Brannan 308 Best Branch Paper
An integrated approach to managing Auckland’s coast
Paul Klinac
408 Community Passion - helping create a sustainable workforce
Jim Nicol
508 Fit for purpose - aggregates for local roads
Clare Dring
109 Retaining Focus in the blur” how (and why) to build a network where there is none
David Somerville
209 Cost effective surfacing for local roads
Jeff Waters
309 Operating Readiness – launching capital projects successfully in local government
Mark Christison
409 Steps to true Integration.
Edward Guy
509 How resilient is my network? Marcus Gibson
110 A Curio Bay Development – an integrated approach
Joseph Findley
210 The Hawkes Bay regional cycleways
Michael Kemp
310 Driving strategic transformation at Sydney airport with asset management in the cloud
Graham Sharp
410 Taking the Plunge: shaping the future of water infrastructure delivery
Ian McSherry & David Hogg
510 Shaken not stirred: water supply network resilience in the Wellington region
Cedric Papion

1230 Lunch
1330 IPWEA NZ President’s Address
1350 Keynote: Getting things done:  Insights from the long-running Dunedin Study  Prof Richie Poulton
1445 Prize draws/ Wrap up
1500 Conference closes