A Driverless Future – Liselotte Lyngso


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stantec_mwh_color_logo_horizontal-000On 23 June 2017 Danish Futurist Liselotte Lyngso will cast us into the future, to help us imagine what our communities and infrastructure will look like once self-driving vehicles are predominant.  Infrastructure and mobility will be influenced by a whole range of trends that together have the potential to dramatically alter the way we live, prioritise and organise our lives.  The very shape of our towns and cities may change.  These unprecedented changes may not be as far away as we think, certainly with our 30 year planning horizon.

With an interactive App, and a survey before the conference, the audiences views become part of the presentation.  With this understanding of the future participants will learn how to spot the important trends, enabling them to create original, innovative solutions. Prepare for a fun and thought provoking presentation.

Liselotte  is Mlottejakkeanaging Partner of the innovation and futurist company Future Navigator. 

Prior to that, she was Director at Fahrenheit 212 an ideas company owned by Saatchi. For 8 years she worked as Director of Research at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies. Since 2002, she has been a member of the Foresight editorial board and she is a founding member of the Global Future Forum.

Liselotte works extensively with scenarios for the future, innovation, technologies and megatrends that have consequences for the way we think, work, feel and behave. She is in great demand as a keynote speaker all over Europe and the US as well as consulting for several global organisations.

Born in Denmark, she has an M.Phil. in Economics and Politics from St. Antony’s  College, Oxford University, UK. Liselotte speaks Scandinavian, English and French.