All Roads Lead to NZ – Paul Yeo

Tourism New Zealand

New Zealand is the clean, green, adventure playground of the pacific and the rest of the world loves it! Millions of visitors come from all corners of the globe to have the “100% Pure New Zealand” experience every year.

This is great for our economy but places increasing demand on our infrastructure and as infrastructure managers we have the important role of ensuring our visitors have what they need, when they need it.

To effectively do that, we need to know what tourism in New Zealand will look like in the years ahead. What can we expect in terms of tourist numbers? From where have they come? What areas of our beautiful country do they most want to see and how do they intend to get there? How would they most like to travel around? Where do they want to stay and what services will they need? And most importantly, how can we enhance their visitor experience through the infrastructure we provide?

In this presentation, Paul will help us to understand exactly what it is we need to plan for and provide to keep our tourist industry booming.

Paul oversees Tourism New Zealand’s industry relationships and quality services covering the i-SITE Visitor Information Network and the China Market Development Unit, which monitors the quality of services provided to the Chinese ADS (Approved Destination Status) group tour market. He is also the Executive Manager and Secretary of the Visitor Information Network Inc. Paul was previously Chief Executive of the Inbound Tour Operators Council (now known as the Tourism Export Council) and the Travel Agents’ Association of New Zealand and has also managed Regional Tourism Organisations Destination Lake Taupo and Destination Marlborough.