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The 2017 IPWEA NZ conference theme is ‘Blurring the Lines – Integrating our Efforts’.  This builds on past conference themes around responding to change.  The 2017 theme throws a spotlight on how the industry can benefit from an integrated approach to the changes and challenges we are expecting.

We are  delighted to confirm Rt Hon. Steven Joyce, Minister of Finance and Minister for Infrastructure as our opening speaker on Thu 22 June.

We are in interesting times – we need to face the challenges together.  We see changes with shared services, information management, project design methods, management and delivery, baby boomers retiring, skill shortages, and an ethos of the customer at the centre.

The theme ‘Blurring the Lines – Integrating our Efforts’, highlights that solutions to changing circumstances can be often found by combining people and teams to work together in new ways.  This may be within existing teams, or between regulators infrastructure owners, designers and contractors.

Inherent in the theme, the Conference will also seek to understand what the changes and challenges of the future look like. The Conference is in Dunedin, a perfect setting.  It is New Zealand’s first city, with a rich history.  Based in the historic Town Hall and conference centre in the middle of the City, it is a short walk to a variety of significant attractions, accommodation, cafes and restaurants.  All this combines to provide a comfortable, personal setting where attendees can enjoy the time away from work to enjoy all that the conference has to offer.

The organising committee are well advanced in confirming a range of exciting national and international keynote speakers.  These will both provide a wider perspective of the influences on our industry, and also take a closer look of some of the revolutionary developments that are expected to bring disruptive change our infrastructure.

Top quality technical papers will be complimented by a fascinating array of technical tours, with unique local flavour.  Evening dinners will be accompanied by entertainment and the Annual Excellence Awards.  Service and product suppliers will be on hand to inform you on their latest developments, and will have the time for relaxed discussion.

This will be a fabulous conference.  Dunedin City, and the Otago/Southland region are delighted to be the hosts.  Join us for unparalleled education, networking, entertainment, and a break from the normal routine.

Roger Oakley
Conference Chair